Jon Jones’ immediate goal is to regain his old 205 pound title. But after that, Bones is thinking big. As in literally big.

In a recent interview at the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Jones reiterated his plan to challenge for the UFC Heavyweight title. He says that the move in weight class is inevitable and that he is only waiting for the ‘perfect opponent’:

“I do want to challenge for the heavyweight title, but I’m waiting for the perfect opponent. I’ve beaten up a lot of heavyweights, man. Only people who train at (Jackson-Wink MMA) have seen that. I’ve picked up a lot of heavyweights. I’ve slammed a lot of heavyweights.”

It’s not hard to think about Jon Jones fighting as a heavyweight. He does seem to be a big guy for his weight class. We often see him tower and dwarf over his opponents. But despite the perceived size advantage, Bones says making the cut at light heavyweight has never been an issue. Moving up to heavyweight won’t be a problem either, although he’d like to fight at a specific weight to keep his known physical strengths:

“I get myself down to about 220 during fight week. Then I make sure the day of weigh-ins I cut about five pounds. It’s nothing. I’ve been doing it for so long now, and I know it’s my job to do it. At heavyweight, I’ll fight right around 230. I’ll try to eat a lot and make sure my endurance and speed is where it needs to be.”

Endurance and speed have always been Jon Jones’ trademark. His last four bouts have gone five rounds and Jones won all of them by unanimous decision. His speed, quickness, explosiveness and agility are what separates him from the rest of his division.

But while Jones thinks he can compete against the biggest of big boys in the UFC, he wants to make sure he does things correctly:

“I know that I’m capable. I just want to make sure I compete against the right stylistic matchup for me when I go to heavyweight and challenge for that title.”

Seeing Jon Jones fight at heavyweight would be any MMA fan’s dream. The man has tons of potentials and may not be even in his athletic prime yet. But more than that right now, every fan wants to see him get his act straight as a person. Jon Jones has been in one trouble after another in the last two years. He is currently serving a drug related suspension and will be eligible to return in July 2017. More than regaining his old belt and adding a new one, let’s hope he returns as a better person who makes better decisions.

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