After Max Holloway’s win over Anthony Pettis at UFC 206, it was expected that Blessed would fight Jose Aldo for the undisputed UFC Featherweight title early next year. That was the plan. According to Jose Aldo though, that isn’t going to happen.

Scarface himself broke the news to Ariel Helwani of MMAFighting:

“This fight was set. We had told the UFC we wanted to fight on that date. For us, it was set. The UFC said, OK, and they asked that we not discuss it any further before UFC 206. I was told the winner of the Max Holloway and Anthony Pettis fight would be my opponent in Brooklyn, and my understanding was that both Holloway and Pettis were told the same thing before their fight. After that fight, Holloway said a bunch of different things. First, I heard he twisted his ankle and wouldn’t have time to heal. Then I heard he had a trip booked to Disney World with his kids and he wouldn’t be able to reschedule. Then I heard his gym is closed during the holidays and he wouldn’t have enough time to train. So he’s basically going around, talking a lot of trash, saying a lot of bullshit and acting like a punk. He just talking shit.”

When a Helwani asked him point blank if the fight was off, Aldo replied with a resounding “Yes”.

Aldo’s latest statements come as a surprise because it was only over a week ago when he declared that he was fighting Holloway at UFC 208 in Brooklyn. Even UFC President Dana White was overheard at UFC 206 shouting “Brooklyn” to Holloway after the latter beat Pettis.

After several questions, the surprised Helwani continued to ask Aldo about UFC 208. Again, Aldo re-affirmed that the fight was a no-go. Aldo’s further answers were even more baffling:

“No, the Brooklyn fight is not happening. I now expect and believe I will be fighting in early March. Either March 3 or March 4, I can’t remember. I believe they will soon announce an interim lightweight title fight with me. They’ve been trying to find me an opponent, and — surprise, surprise — at least one has already turned down the fight against me. I’m waiting to see who they will find. “

Junior refused to name the fighter who turned down the fight with him. He told Helwani to ask the UFC about that. Aldo gave a hint though. He said that fighter’s father didn’t think it was a ‘good fight’. Was Aldo referencing Khabib Nurmagomedov whom we all know has an outspoken father? No word from Khabib’s camp, the UFC or anybody for that matter.

Is Jose Aldo really moving up in weight? And did the UFC really offer him an interim Lightweight title bout? Or is Junior just trying to stir the pot?

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