UFC champions Michael Bisping and Tyron Woodley have agreed to fight each other in May at a catchweight of 180 pounds. Or so they say.

In an Instagram post by the UFC’s middleweight champion, the two can be seen in an unusually friendly exchange where they verbally say yes to fighting each other in a non-title catchweight bout

In the video, Woodley can be heard calling out Bisping and after the two have a light discussion about their walking weights, they agree to fight each other at a catchweight 180 pounds. At the end of the video, Woodley is heard saying to the camera:

‘You heard that, 180, me and Bisping….Alright — you heard, May, 180, we agreed.’

Bisping then says:

‘I agree, I’m in.’

If the two are really serious about their conversation ( they looked like they were in a playful mood though ), then we could be seeing our first super fight in years. And not only will it be a super bout, it will also be the big money fight that both fighters have been looking for.

Since winning the welterweight title, Tyron Woodley has been vocal about looking for a big payday. T-Wood called out Nick Diaz and GSP before the UFC mandated him to fight Stephen Thompson at UFC 205. The Wonderboy bout ended in a majority draw, leading us to believe that the two would meet again soon in an immediate rematch.

Bisping narrowly beat Dan Henderson at UFC 204 and like Woodley, he also called out GSP and Nick Diaz for a UFC 206 title defense but didn’t get any positive response. Bisping is currently linked to a title defense against Yoel Romero. The Cuban beat Chris Weidman at UFC 205 to virtually lock up the next middleweight title shot.

Common sense tells us that the UFC will book both champions to their respective next title defenses. But with Conor McGregor possibly out for 10 months ( if Dana White is to be believed ), then the UFC may need a super fight like this to sustain the PPV numbers and financial figures that McGregor set in 2016 for the UFC. Certainly, a super fight between two current UFC champions will generate significant interest from the public so who knows what’s going to happen.

Do you think Tyron Woodley and Michael Bisping were serious about their superfight? If so, will the UFC even approve of it considering both champions are already rumored to fight separate challengers?


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