Conor McGregor isn’t the only UFC superstar who wants to pursue professional boxing. Nate Diaz doesn’t want to be left behind.

In an interview with Fox Sports, the younger half of the famous Diaz brothers of Stockton said he wants a third fight with Conor McGregor. If not, he plans on quitting MMA and pursuing a career in the sport of boxing. Said Nate Diaz:

“He’s claiming to be the best businessman in the game. I’m the biggest business, best fight, biggest money fight there is. So until something’s big going on like that, I ain’t interested in anything except for changing sports.”

Diaz beat McGregor on less than two weeks notice at UFC 196. According to industry estimates, it also broke the record of 1.6M PPV buys set by UFC 100. Six events later, McGregor and Diaz fought again at UFC 202. McGregor escaped with a razor thin majority decision win but up to this day, Nate believes he beat McGregor….and set a record in doing so:

“He has the record right now for getting hit in the head more times than anyone ever in the UFC and I set that record.”

For the record, Diaz landed 107 significant head blows on McGregor at UFC 202. The Irishman himself connected on 98 on Diaz during the same fight. Overall, he landed 252 total strikes on the Irishman. Perhaps if Diaz counted the stockton slaps he hit Conor with, he may have a valid argument. But that’s not the point. The point here is that Diaz wants a grudge match to settle the score. Or else, he’s getting a boxing license to fight in Nevada and California.

California? Didn’t Conor McGregor recently get a boxing license to fight in the state of California? While McGregor’s acquisition of a boxing license is most probably to lure retired Floyd Mayweather Jr. to fighting again, Diaz says his reason is for the love of the sport:

“I’m not doing it for a publicity stunt. I’m doing it because I love the sport of boxing.”

The Diaz brothers are known to box with world class boxers like current Light heavyweight champion Andre Ward. That’s the reason why they are two of the best boxers in MMA. McGregor meanwhile sparred with former boxing world champion Chris Van Heerden and we all saw several footages of that. Let’s not judge their boxing skills right now. And let’s hope they don’t fight that third fight on a boxing ring. We still want to see Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz fight one more time inside the UFC octagon. Or do you?

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