Nate Diaz, a veteran of 23 UFC fights, finally scored some shine and public renown in 2016 thanks to his glorious fights against Conor McGregor at UFC 196 and UFC 202. The Stockton native earned over $2.6 million in disclosed payment for his performances against McGregor. Diaz seems content to sit on that sum for the foreseeable future.

MMAFighting reported this week that Diaz contacted them via text. Diaz bared that he’s disinterested in stepping into the Octagon again unless it’s for a hefty, unprecedented bounty:

“I’m only fighting at lightweight for a big fight or 20 million just to take the call. Until then, I’m just living my life.”

Beneath the biggest spotlight of his life, Diaz endeared himself to peripheral UFC fans and hardcores alike in 2016: He demonstrated fortitude, toughness, and cheeky emcee skills during the McGregor saga. Diaz seemed to revel in the national attention — night show appearances, etc. — that came to him due to his remarkable fights.

Fans would love to see the dogged scrapper back in action. It’s unfathomable, however, that the UFC would spring for $20 million to bring Diaz back. Smoking dank weed and dabbling in business ventures seems like Diaz’s course.

McGregor, the UFC’s most treasured cash cow, earned a disclosed $40 million in total for his three fights in 2016. He earned nowhere near $20 million for any of his outings. Therefore it’s absurd that the UFC would shell out $20 million on luring Diaz back into action.

There are numerous fun fights looming for Diaz at 155 — the division is bursting with exciting talent. For what it’s worth, Diaz would be a betting underdog against most of the division’s elite anyways. Unless he budges on his price, though, Diaz will have to be content with his life on the sidelines.

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