When Tyron Woodley and Conor McGregor had their backstage run-in at UFC 205, the Chosen One mostly kept his silence. That’s because he wanted to focus on beating Stephen Thompson. Now that he’s over that, Woodley is now setting his eyes on the Irishman:

“I try not to take myself back to those dark areas, I try to stay sophisticated, stay professional but a few people can take you out of that element and bring that Ferguson back out of you and he almost did it,”

Woodley hails from the tough streets of St. Louis, Missouri. And while he isn’t ashamed of his roots, he wants to behave as the champion that he is right now. But if the Irishman is really dead serious about coveting his belt, Woodley is game for that bout:

“But I had to keep my eyes on the prize, defend my strap in a ‘Fight of the Night’ performance at UFC 205. So if you want to get in there with a lion and get your head bit off and have me spewing your blood all over the Octagon while you’ve got that goofy tiger tattoo on your chest, looking like a clown with a clown on your chest, we can do it. We can do it in Ireland, Dublin, we can do it in the back of White Castle, I don’t care.”

 Before ending up fighting Wonderboy at UFC 205, Woodley was widely criticized for preferring a big money fight with Georges St. Pierre or Nick Diaz. Now, he’s aiming for a fight with the company’s top money maker. But he claims it ain’t about the money. It’s about shutting down McGregor’s mouth:

“I don’t like to try and act overly hood or overly ghetto, a million hood stripes, but where I’m from you don’t call me a bitch, number one. Number two, you don’t fake like you’re about that life. If you want to scrap, if you want to make this money, let’s do it. If you don’t, shut your mouth. Just do your thing.”

McGregor is currently enjoying a much needed personal break from the sport. Woodley too, is back home, enjoying the holidays. UFC President Dana White said that the two division champ is taking a 10 month vacation but McGregor recently hinted that it may not be that long. Stephen Thompson is expected to get another crack at Tyron Woodley next but who knows what the UFC has in store next year for the welterweight division, especially if the 170 pound weight class is part of McGregor’s future plans. What’s certain now is that Woodley is willing to welcome him and even fight him in his own backyard.

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